The First Integrated Performance and Memory Allocation Profiler for .NET 
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 The First Integrated Performance and Memory Allocation Profiler for .NET

AutomatedQA is proud to announce the immediate availability of AQtime.NET,
the first integrated performance optimization and memory allocation de{*filter*}
for Visual Studio .NET.

Built specifically for .NET, AQtime helps you easily isolate and eliminate
all speed issues within your code by generating comprehensive reports on the
state of your .NET projects via its easy-to-use performance analysis engine
AND discover memory hogging code that can impact the usability of your .NET

Remove the Guesswork

AQtime removes the dangerous guesswork traditionally associated with
performance and memory use optimization. It offers you a flexible and
structured way to hunt down the cause of bottlenecks and use of unsafe code
within your applications. With AQtime .NET Edition you are well on your way
to building applications that perform at their highest possible level - all
the time. It's rich combination of features makes it a cinch to dig deep
into your .NET applications and exploit all the capabilities built into the
.NET framework...Whether you want to monitor the effects of the Just-in-Time
compiler and inlining or watch for platform dependencies, AQtime .NET has
everything you need to deliver lightening fast applications that are tuned
specifically for .NET!

Managed & Unmanaged - Full Support for all .NET Languages

Since AQtime .NET Edition is all about Visual Studio .NET, it supports all
.NET languages and allows you to profile any .NET application. Whether you
have managed, unmanaged, or mixed code projects, AQtime's industry-leading
set of profilers are designed to gather crucial performance related
information at runtime and deliver it to you in both summarized and detailed
form, with all the tools you will need to begin the optimization process -
From customized filters and graphical call hierarchies to source code views.

To learn more, please visit our website at:

You can obtain a fully functional evaluation version using the following

Best Wishes
The AutomatedQA Team

Sun, 05 Sep 2004 18:23:57 GMT  
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