Network Connection, Logged on To Net Pinging 
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 Network Connection, Logged on To Net Pinging


I need to find programmatically: in C# Beta2
 if I am logged onto another computer on my LAN or WAN. (get list of
computers I am logged on)
I need to find out if I have a network connection of some sort.
I need to Ping another machine.
I need to check if a web site is alive or not.
I need to find out the current URL on my Open browser.
  ( if I have my browser open and my URL is then I need to
get that URL)
is it possible?

Note:  Is there a way of protecting code yet???

Any help, Directions, is greatly appreciated.  Code is fine too.  Cash will
be better.

thanks all

Thu, 17 Jun 2004 09:29:54 GMT  
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