TabStripPanel Control Beta Released - Beta Testers Wanted! 
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 TabStripPanel Control Beta Released - Beta Testers Wanted!

.NET Framework developers,

Actipro Software is pleased to announce the beta release of our first
control for the .NET platform, named TabStripPanel.

TabStripPanel is a 100%-native .NET control, written in C#.  This control
mimics the user-interface style of tabs found within the Visual Studio.NET

TabStripPanel currently has three styles: Normal, Hover, and DocumentList.
* Normal provides a basic tab style which ensures that all tabs are visible
within the control, ideal for side panels.
* Hover is best used for placing along the edge of an application window for
scroll out side panels.
* DocumentList is used for displaying open documents from within IDE
applications with animated scrolling and a close button.

We're currently looking for beta testers for this control.  Although the
control is in "beta", it is fully functional and reliable.  Please visit the
Actipro Software web site to download the control and give us some feedback:



Bill Henning
Actipro Software LLC

Sat, 27 Mar 2004 07:00:55 GMT  
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