Threadpool and application resource cleanup 
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 Threadpool and application resource cleanup


My application is using threadpools. so far successful.
Inside a main worker thread , I post work items to the pool queue.

What I want to know is, If I had to cancel my work and shut down my
while there are pending work in the queue, how will it effect to the system?

I know, you can't cancel workitems in the queue.. so how do we do a proper
cleanup ? because the queued workitems may want some resources
in my app, so if i just shut it down, god knows how it will behave.

So far what I do is,

when posting queue items Increment a counter.

When the job from threadpool is done decrement using

Interlocked.Decriment(ref workItems)

and in my cleanup routine , I wait til workItems get to 0.
but the problem is if I do not get back to Service Control Manager within a
amount of time, it will say that my service didn't respond, even though I am
trying to close
down gracefully.

Any solutions?


Sat, 23 Oct 2004 05:57:13 GMT  
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