Initialization of structs. The old way memset(str, sizeof(str), 0) is disregarded. 
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 Initialization of structs. The old way memset(str, sizeof(str), 0) is disregarded.


C# warns when the code is using un initialized structs. This can happend
several time.

In mycase I have implement a COM method of an interface.

void Data([In, Out] out veryComplexStruct) ...

Normally the method sets the fields of the structure and leave it changed to
the callee.
But the compiler complaines about that specific error.
I could use #pramga for disable that error, but I want, Nor memcopy nor

I want to use a C# constructs, or an Attribute constructs that tells the
compiler to no worry or that is already initialized.
compare. I will not say that I can call the method with some of the values
set to any apropriate value, thay should all be zero, thats all.

explicit ((uint) 0x80000000);

best recards Roland
Baltic Sea.

Tue, 21 Dec 2004 07:14:50 GMT  
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