How to Pass Array from managed to unmanaged !!??!! 
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 How to Pass Array from managed to unmanaged !!??!!

Hi everybody

I have one query as I am unable to achieve the following
problem. I want to pass arrays from my managed code to
unmanaged code but it expects of constant value at the
unmanaged side.

code is like
Managed one !!

AnyFunction( char* AB[], unsigned int DC[] )

   //passing the values in unmanaged code
    anyobj->AnyFunction( &AB[], &DC[]);


when we pass like this it compiles but it gives linking
error of type
unresolved external symbols .....AnyFunction( char**
const, unsigned int* const )

Is it requires some marshaling of arrays then how to do
that any help is appreciated !!

I read some articles in MSDN but did not understand how to
implement ??

Looking forward for the help.


Sat, 05 Mar 2005 10:37:55 GMT  
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