WeakReference doesn't work when step through the sample code inside a debugger 
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 WeakReference doesn't work when step through the sample code inside a debugger

> The WeakReference doesn't work correctly when I step
> through the Framework SDK C# sample "GarbageCollection"
> inside a de{*filter*}.  The weak reference behaves like a
> strong reference in this case with or without resurrection
> tracking.  But if I run the executable by itself, the
> WeakReference works as expected (even inside a de{*filter*}).
> The fact that GC has a special thread executing Finalize
> methods is not an issue because GC.WaitForPendingFinalizers
> () are called throughout the sample.  Does any one know
> why the weak reference doesn't work when I step through
> the sample code as instructed?

Do you maybe have a watch on the weak reference, creating a strong reference
(from the de{*filter*}, not from your program)?


Thu, 19 Aug 2004 04:45:11 GMT  
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