Encryption of Dataset, Opinions? 
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 Encryption of Dataset, Opinions?

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What I'm trying to do is securely save a dataset as a self-contained xml
file.  Users would only need the proper username/password pair to decrypt it
back into the dataset.

Would the code below be a "reasonably" safe way to do this?  To keep it
simple for the users, I feel I should stay with a symmetrical scheme.  (No
error checking code shown for clarity.)

public static void SaveDatasetToEncryptedXml(DataSet data,
SymmetricAlgorithm symalg, HashAlgorithm hashalg, int saltlen, int keylen,
string filepath, string name, string password)
    // generate a random salt value (saved as plaintext in final SignedXml
    byte[] salt = new Byte[saltlen];
    RNGCryptoServiceProvider rng = new RNGCryptoServiceProvider();

    // compute the hash value of the name/password pair (saved as plaintext
in final SignedXml file)
    byte[] hash = hashalg.ComputeHash(ASCIIEncoding.ASCII.GetBytes(name +

    // create a key of keylen from the password & salt (not saved)
    byte[] key = new PasswordDeriveBytes(password, salt).GetBytes(keylen);

    // encrypt the data (saved as the signed data part of the SignedXml
    MemoryStream crypteddata = new MemoryStream();
    symalg.GenerateIV(); // create a random IV
    CryptoStream cs = new CryptoStream(crypteddata,
symalg.Crea{*filter*}cryptor(key, symalg.IV), CryptoStreamMode.Write);
    data.WriteXml(cs, System.Data.XmlWriteMode.WriteSchema);

    // todo: Create and save a SignedXml file containing the above data
along with the necessary information to decrypt it (see code notes).


Any comments or suggestions are welcome.


Thu, 30 Dec 2004 00:30:50 GMT  
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