Add an user to a group with .NET and Site Server 3.0 
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 Add an user to a group with .NET and Site Server 3.0

I'm I the only one here who's trying to use C# and Site Server 3?? All
samples I see talk about AD or IIS, but I can't find sample for Site Server

I can add users to the P&M LDAP server without any problem... but I can't
add an user into an existing group...

I know, by looking at old VB6 code that I must create a "memberOf" object to
put into the "member" collection of the group object... but how can I do
this with the DirectoryEntry object... I tried this sample (look below) I
found on the net, but this sample is for the Windows Active Directory and it
doesn't work for me... maybe I'm missing something?

--Begin Code Snip--

oDirEntry.Path = "LDAP://123.45.678.095:5325/o=SSQG";
DirectoryEntry oGroup = oDirEntry.Children.Find("cn=MyGroup,ou=groups");

//Exception: "The directory property cannot be found in the cache."
oGroup.Invoke("add", new object[]


--End Code Snip--

Mon, 28 Feb 2005 04:16:01 GMT  
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