question about decoupling mvc 
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 question about decoupling mvc

this question is about how to better decouple a 3 layer architecture based
on iterfaced implementations.
imagine these classes:

class Model {
    public String Name;
    private IImplementation implementation;
    public Model(IImplementation implementation){
        this.implementation = implementation;
    public void Save() {


public interface IImplementation {
    void Save(object obj);


public class ImpFilesys : IImplementation {
    public void Save(object obj) {
        // implementation code goes here


public class ImpDataBase : IImplementation { ... }

public class Client {
    public Client() {
        Model m = new Model;
        m.Name = "Don Camillo";
        m.Implementation = new ImpFilesys(); // yuck!


using this design i could sucessfully decouple the model from it's
implementation. but at the cost to couple implementation to the client,
which i also do not want. how can i achieve that the model only knows model
stuff, while the implementation knows only imp-stuff and same for the
client? how can i make them truly interchangeable without having to change
the code each time?


(ps sorry for the repeat)

Mon, 28 Mar 2005 19:42:24 GMT  
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