2 questions on data input and output 
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 2 questions on data input and output

I created a C# calculation program which is 2-7 times
fater than the same version of Java program, 1.8 times
faster than C program. However, there are 200 code lines
les than Java and C program. C # is an amazing language. I
like it.

Now I have questions to make the program proceed. I need
to input several text files which only have one colume and
now created by notepad. Theses files  are something like
Before running of the calculation program, each of the
files will be read as its own array; During running, some
of them will be updated for iteration by means of C# i/o I
used now. Because it is so boring to create so many text
files, I want to input these data by graphic user
interface to simply the input process and make user
understand more clearly about the input data by their own.
Could you please suggest how I can realize this by C#
in .net platform. The realization will function like

flow depth bod do .... (this is the title of each colume)
10   2     0.3 6
10   2     0.2 7
10   2     0.3 8
10   2     0.3 8
...  ...   ... ... ...
Remember each colume of the data will be able to
read/parsed as separate array such as flow[], depth[], bod
[], do[],... so that they can be used in the calculation.
This is my first question.

Secondly, how can I make the calculated results output as
graphics and tables when the calculation finishes?  

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.


Sun, 21 Nov 2004 04:59:10 GMT  
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