Setting property Text in a class derived from UpDownBase 
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 Setting property Text in a class derived from UpDownBase

I have inherited a class from System.Windows.Forms.TextBox.UpDownBase.
The help for this class states:
1. When you inherit from UpDownBase, you must override the following
members: DownButton, UpButton, UpdateEditText, ValidateEditText.
2. When overriding this method [UpdateEditText] in a derived class, be
sure to update the Text property of the up-down control.

However, no matter what I do, the changes to the base.Text property I
make in my class do not appear on the screen. Only when the control
inherited from UpDownBase gets the focus again does the updated text
appear. When I inherit my class from TextBox (and comment out those
things that do not apply to TextBox), the changes in the value of the
Text property appear as I expect them. Adding calls to Invalidate()
and Update() does not improve things. Can anybody help me here?



PS1: The compiler does not complain when I do not override
ValidateEditText I my class inherited from UpDownBase. The problem is
the same, with or without ValidateEditText. Related question: How does
ValidateEditText indicate success or failure of the validation? The
help does not say ...
PS2: The problem also is the same when I inherit from DomainUpDown
instead of UpDownBase.

Sun, 21 Mar 2004 19:50:08 GMT  
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