Getting DirectX 9.0 to work with VS.NET 
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 Getting DirectX 9.0 to work with VS.NET

I installed Visual Studio.NET back in April 2002. I have version 1.0
of the Framework installed (according to the About box in VS.NET). It
appears DirectX 9.0 required version 1.1 of the framework. Can I
download a 1.1 update for the 1.0 Framework installed on my machine
and install it without corrupting my current VS.NET install? Or, do I
have to get the RC for VS.NET 2003?

I wish Microsoft would make this clear, it doesn't help their push for
.NET when the IDE isn't intelligent enough to download and install a
new version of the Framework (which it isn't, because when I check for
"updates" my current install of VS.NET can't find any).

Wed, 08 Jun 2005 10:06:27 GMT  
 Getting DirectX 9.0 to work with VS.NET
 > It appears DirectX 9.0 required version 1.1 of the framework.

No, this can't be true. DirectX 9.0 works fine with .NET 1.0.
Did you get any error messages?

VS.NET 2002 is like hard-wired to the 1.0 framework.
VS.NET 2003 will contain the 1.1 framework.

 Thomas Scheidegger - MVP .NET - 'NETMaster' -

Wed, 08 Jun 2005 10:33:42 GMT  
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