Data Entry Forms - Need Help With General Concepts ! 
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 Data Entry Forms - Need Help With General Concepts !

I am going to investigate ADO.Net for use with ordinary data entry forms.

My data entry forms have to implement following functionalities:

1. Edited record must be locked so no other user attempts to modify it at
   the same time.

2. New records must have unique IDs assigned (preferably) by a database
   (SQL Server)

3. Forms must support master-detail entries (e.g.. Orders-OrderDetails)

4. Records must be added and/or edited either in batch mode or within
   a transaction so user can always undo (cancel) changes before committing
   (saving) them.

Since ADO.Net uses only disconnected recordset implementation of some of the
features I listed above has to be done much differently than with regular

Could anybody who has already done this share some basic concepts?

Tom Jastrzebski

Sun, 08 Aug 2004 18:07:13 GMT  
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