I am sorry for saying this but 
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 I am sorry for saying this but

I really wish that Microsoft would have never came out with J#...to many
java users think they are so superior to people who like and wish to use
Microsoft.  I agree Microsoft steals their ideas from other like XP is just
BeOS merged with Linux as far as the front-end goes.  Also I think allot of
animosity from Java community about C# is because they remember the 1995
scenario and don't want to learn a new language.  i.e.. in 1995 IT managers
etc. didn't know what Java was but it was the flashy key word I have java
developers and java apps now look forward late 2001 or 2002 IT managers I
have C# developers and apps. In both instances you are looking at a first
year or so higher than normal salaries for developers who know the hot
language rather the language is truly useful and is really that much better
than what already was.
I am learning C#/Webforms/Webservices because of this, because I remember
the Java craze.  After lets be honest as far as technology goes Doesn't
Borland seem to always do it first Raid development delphi then C builder
then J Builder.  In closing Microsoft is the big guy in the sandbox face it
don't fight it life is better and you have more money and fun in the end, So
please no flames from the flamers but we are are always open for discussion
after all this is the last sacred ground on the internet NEWSGROUPS! yeah.

Thu, 01 Apr 2004 01:03:10 GMT  
 I am sorry for saying this but


> like XP is just BeOS merged with Linux as far as the front-end goes.

Well, you may want to up your medication if you think thats what Whistler
is.... :-)


Michael Kaplan
(principal developer of the MSLU)
Trigeminal Software, Inc.  -- http://www.trigeminal.com/
the book -- http://www.i18nWithVB.com/

Thu, 01 Apr 2004 01:36:02 GMT  
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