Is C# Clipping Like C++ Clipping? 
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 Is C# Clipping Like C++ Clipping?

I was sort of under the impression that, while painting a window, the clip
rectangle that you got in "classic" Visual C++ contained only the rectangle
that needed to be repainted.  In C# it appears that the ClipRectangle that
comes through the PaintEventArgs contains <everything> from the edge of the
control being painted to the corresponding edge of the window doing the

i.e. if I drag a window over my control from left to right the clip
information tells me I need to repaint everything to the left of the
obscuring window.  It doesn't seem to be telling me anything about the last
move of the obscuring window.  The net result is that I end up redrawing
pretty much the entire control for even slight movements of the obscuring

Does this seem reasonable???

Bob Cohen

Mon, 11 Aug 2003 00:45:20 GMT  
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