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    Are you trying to drag and drop across applications?  If so then I don't
know that there is a data format that is universally supported for this kind
of thing.

    If you are looking to drag a control, as in a designer, then I don't
think you want to use the regular drag and drop mechanism.  What you want to
do is intercept the mouse button being pressed down, and then move the
control while the mouse moves.  You can do this easily by changing the value
of the Location property of the control.  Intercepting the mouse down for
all controls in a universal manner would be the most difficult part.

    Hope this helps.

               - Nicholas Paldino [.NET/C# MVP]

> In my application I have to drag and drop a user control.
> I have draged and droped texts and bitmaps and that works
> fine. But how can i drag and drop a user control. The
> problem is when i drag the user control i can not get the
> control to move with the mouse cursor. I have done this
> usuing VB6 but i still can not do it with C#. Please can
> any body help me with this. Does IDropSource have anything
> to do with this. PLease help me in this.

Sun, 22 May 2005 22:02:36 GMT  
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