any way to make the scroll in one datagrid bind to the scroll in another datagrid 
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 any way to make the scroll in one datagrid bind to the scroll in another datagrid

hai all my task is achieved. please ignore

> hai all,
>    i have a small problem. i have to display three columns. 1)in this
> column is only for displaying purpose(For example to point which type is).
> 2)Second column is the parameters of the type.It is readonly
> 3)Third one is Parameter value. so it should be editable
> What i need is the first row is only for diaplay. so that should be
> discarded and onlt other two rows are important for me.
> 4)I have to update a XML based on the other two rows.
> 5)Now i am using a typed dataset for this purpose. How should i avoid the
> first column complete details from the dataset. since i am saving into a
> file DataSet is the best solution for me.
> can any one help me out?
> bye
> Thank you
> S.MAdhanMohan.

Sat, 16 Apr 2005 15:01:57 GMT  
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