Problem accessing user control element from javascript 
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 Problem accessing user control element from javascript

I have created a simple javascript based menu and would like to use it
within my ASP+ app. Since the menu is to be used on several pages I would
like to create a user control and simply place it on each page. The user
control can also dynamically builld the javascript arrays used to define the
DHTML-based menu. The toolbar control is not the style I am looking for. Now
I can get the menu to work if I hard code the arrays into .js files. However
what I would like to do is build the arrays dynamically and save their
values in hidden text boxes which are part of the user control. Then the
main .js file would eval these text boxe values and create the necessary
javascript arrays. The problem is that the text box objects result in a name
like CtrlMainMenu1:MainArray. This name is not a valid javascript variable
and thus I can not reference it from javascript. Any ideas on a work around?



Wed, 03 Mar 2004 00:48:19 GMT  
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