Using a COM object in .NET that calls back to the invoking .NET class 
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 Using a COM object in .NET that calls back to the invoking .NET class


I have a COM component that I have been using to do some complicated
printing in 32 bit windows applications.  The existing application creates
the printing component and passes it a controling object that is responsible
to looking up other COM objects.  Basically the print component late binds
to a bunch of different lookup objects (assuming they support a few
interface methods).

In the new environment, the report component is going to remain as a COM
component, but the application is now .NET, and the lookup objects are C#
classes.  I need the .NET application to create the COM reporting component
(I can do that).  Then the reporting component needs to be able to late bind
to a bunch of different C# lookup classes that all support the same

Has anyone done anything like this?


Tue, 16 Mar 2004 00:55:07 GMT  
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