Hooking in C# up to a DLL generated messages 
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 Hooking in C# up to a DLL generated messages

I am working on an simple form application that uses a digitizing tablet.
The tablet runs under the standard Wintab32.dll.
The values on the tablet (X, Y, Z, pressure, buttons, etc) can either be
"polled" at regular intervals (big overhead) or can be read upon receiving a
message posted to Windows by Wintab32.dll indicating that new packets of
data have arrived to the queue.

My question is the following.  How can I (in C#) "hook" my application to be
able to read messages posted to Windows by Wintab32.dll, or any other DLL
for that matter.

Any suggestions?

Thank you;

Wed, 03 Nov 2004 20:07:11 GMT  
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