HTTP Request pooling? 
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 HTTP Request pooling?

This is my scenario: I have a machine which exports an XML resource
via HTTP.  I hit this through ASP.NET (C#), format it, and return it
to the user.  I've been having big performance problems, so I want to
see if pooling my HTTP connections will help with those.  I even
stripped out all the other code; it just gets the XML resource and
prints it out, yet it still performs very badly... and the number of
connections open on the other box is ridiculous.  So pooling might
help with that.
How can I do this best in C#/.NET?  I've been looking around, and I
haven't found any solutions (other than writing my own pooling code,
and that's a pain).
I'd appreciate any help given.
Thanks much!

Sat, 20 Nov 2004 03:32:54 GMT  
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