Writers wanted, readers needed 
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 Writers wanted, readers needed

Students, teachers, readers, and writers alike, gather your paper, uncap
your pens, and dust off your reading glasses because Poetrylist is back
and bigger than ever.

If your a talented ambitious writer looking for a way to share your art or
simply someone who loves poetry in general read on because Poetrylist will
fit your needs.  
Poetrylist is an online newsletter that tackles many aspects of the art.
Writers are able submit works and read and rate others.  Readers are able
to enjoy the art form
that they love so much.  

Email Zach back for more info.  Please mention ID# 121

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Thank you
Bobby Whetzel
Chief Editor of Poetrylist online newsletter

Sat, 09 Apr 2005 22:05:52 GMT  
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