Qs on Ruby and DbC/Smalltalk 
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 Qs on Ruby and DbC/Smalltalk

Hello all!

I am new to ruby, and during learning ruby, a couple of questions arose:

    1. Is it planned to integrate Design-by-Contract (as described by
    Bertrand Meyer in the OOSC-Book) into the language?

    2. Does/Will ruby support 'Keyword Messages' as described in the
    Smalltalk Bluebook?  So one could write:
        HouseholdFinances spend: 30.45 on: 'food'

    3. Does/Will ruby have a graphical, interactive programming
    environment as Smalltalk usually has?

TIA & Best regards,

Sven C. Koehler

Thu, 04 Nov 2004 19:29:11 GMT  
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