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 Ruby Weekly News

   Ruby Weekly News: 02/11/2003

   A summary of activity on the ruby-talk mailing list, brought to you
   this week by Pat Eyler.


   ZenWeb 2.15.0 Released
          ZenWeb is a set of classes/tools for organizing and formating a
          website. It is website oriented rather than webpage oriented,
          unlike most rendering tools. It is content oriented, rather
          than style oriented, unlike most rendering tools. It provides a
          plugin system of renderers and filters to provide a very
          flexible, and powerful system.

   sys-uname 0.4.0
          Sys-uname is an interface to the 'uname' command. This release
          includes MS Windows support! In addition, a test suite has been
          added (for testunit users).

   Text::Format 0.61
          A bug fix release to Text::Format (for the installer).
          Text::Format is a port of the Perl Text::Format module.

   Digest::CRC32 0.1.0
          This module is an implementation of the crc32 hash algorithm as
          a Digest::Base digester. There is both a C and a pure Ruby
          implementation. The former for speed and the latter for
          portability. By default it will use the C implementation.

          bdb-0.3.9 has been released. It contains the first beta
          interface to DB XML

   FXRuby-1.0.19 Now Available
          FXRuby-1.0.19 is now available. This is mainly a bug-fix

          plruby 0.3.2 was released with 2 *experimental* features:
          specify a timeout at compile time and functions returning SET

   math-const 1.0.0
          math-const provides mathematical and physical constants both in
          the MKS and CGS system

          Ruby-GNOME2 is a ruby interface to the GNOME2 system.

   MIME::Types 1.005
          MIME::Types has been updated to match the Perl version 1.005;
          additional changes have been made to make the data cleaner.
          Certain file types (e.g., application/applefile) will show up
          correctly now instead of with an improper extension.

   ruby syntax file for GNU Source-highlight
          This is a ruby syntax file for GNU Source-highlight, producing
          a document(HTML, XHTML) with syntax highlighting.


   Embedding Ruby in C code
          Szymon Drejewicz asked about embedding a bit of Ruby in C.

   locana, SVG, cross-platform GUI meanderings
          Phil Thomson started a long thread about cross platform GUI
          tools on Ruby.

   Blogging software
          Martin DeMello asked about blogging tools written in Ruby.
          Several options were discussed in the thread.

   The way of the Gentoo
          This thread covered the Gentoo portage system and how it might
          work as a model for Ruby module distribution.

   Relative performance of Ruby templating systems
          Gabriel Emerson presented a review of the performance of
          several Ruby templating systems under mod_ruby.

   ruby-dev summary 19457-19539
          Kazuo Saito gave us this weeks ruby-dev translation and

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 Ruby Weekly News

   Ruby Weekly News: 02/17/2003

   A summary of activity on the ruby-talk mailing list, brought to you
   this week by Holden Glova.


   Ruby-freedb 0.5
          Guillaume Pierronnet has released Ruby/freedb 0.5. Get

   FreeType2-Ruby 0.1.0
          Paul Duncan has released an initial alpha release of his
          FreeType2 Ruby bindings work. Get FreeType2-Ruby([2]).

   MusicBrainz-Ruby 0.1.0
          Paul Duncan is on a rampage releasing another set of bindings
          to access MusicBrainz([3]). Get MusicBrains-Ruby 0.1.0([4]).

   FormValidator 0.1.0
          Travis Whitton has released a port of Perl's
          Data::FormValidator library. Get FormValidator([5]).

   Test::Unit 0.1.8
          Nathaniel Talbott has released a new version of Test::Unit.
          Test unit is a comprehensive unit testing framework that is
          destined to become part of the eagerly anticipated 1.8 Ruby
          distribution. View the changelog([6]). Get TestUnit([7]).

   Flash and Ruby GUI prototype
          Richard Lyman has released his work on writing a Flash GUI with
          Ruby. Very interesting work. Get Flash and Ruby GUI([8]).

          Paul Duncan has released a DBD perspective to access Google.
          Interesting approach to URI's. Get DBD-Google-Ruby([9]).

   PLRuby 0.3.3
          PL/Ruby is a loadable procedural language for the Postgres
          database system that enable the Ruby language to create
          functions and trigger procedures. PLRuby([10]).

   Joystick-Ruby 0.1.0
          Paul Duncan has been busy releasing Linux joystick bindings for
          Ruby. Get Joystick-Ruby([11]).

   sys-cpu 0.2.0
          Daniel Berger has released a enw version of sys-cpu. sys-cpu is
          a package that provides various bits of information about the
          cpu(s) on your system, including load average information. Get

   net-pingsimple 0.2.0
          Daniel Berger has also released a new version of
          net-pingsimple. pingsimple is an interface to the ping command.

   REXML 2.5.4
          Sean Russel has released a new version of everyones favourite
          in Ruby XML parser. Get REXML([13]).

          Guillaume Pierronnet has released Ruby/freedb 0.5. Get


   Supporting windows through C extensions
          Extending Ruby through C code is very common for any Unix,
          Linux, Mac platform but seems to remain somewhat of a mystery
          for the Windows platform. Read this thread to see what is
          involved and what is planned for future Ruby versions.

   Lexical scope and closures
          Another discussion about the scope inside blocks. Interesting
          read to see what the latest views of the community is on the



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