Readability: Verbose version of *arrayToParameter expansion? 
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 Readability: Verbose version of *arrayToParameter expansion?


Having just discussed variances in readability between python and Ruby
with a ex-co-worker while shopping frozen pizza, I went on and used the
array to parameter list expansion operator:

        a = ParseDate.parsedate("2001-05-25") #=> [2001,05,25,nil,nil,...]
        date = *a[0..2]  )

which makes all the C/C++ pointer dereferencing hairs stand on end along
my neck (*shudder*)

Now, I know I can do this the tedious way:
        date = a[0],a[1],a[2] )
but I was wondering if there was a more readable option to use in cases
where I can't specify the number of arguments in advance.

I'm basically wondering if there is an Array#to_parameter_list or

( I also have a similar feeling towards the & for block parameters, but
then I tend to use proc explicitly when dealing with callbacks that
don't yield, but call or store the block. )

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Thu, 22 Apr 2004 11:59:06 GMT  
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