Ruby/Fltk/SQLite GPL workbench testers required win32/linux 
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 Ruby/Fltk/SQLite GPL workbench testers required win32/linux

I'm working with ruby/fltk/sqlite as a workbench to write applications
and have a small GPL package for invoicing with multi language
I'm asking for people that want to play with it and give some
I beleive that it can be used to develop a serie of applications
relatively easy.

The package I wrote ilustrate how it can be used, if you are brave
enough do a try.

WIN32 : http://www.*-*-*.com/ :8080/dadbiz-install.exe

LINUX : http://www.*-*-*.com/ :8080/dadbiz-linux-dist.tgz

As a general line the screen layouts are generated with "fluid" the
result is preprocesed by a ruby script "fluid2rb" to generate the
apropraited ruby code for the layout, the code to drive the
application is writen in a separated file, database access is done
using the magnific SQLite library, the transaltions are done with a
technic similar to "GNU gettext" but writen entirely in ruby.
It uses utf8 to store the data and I have special interest in know how
it behaves with different charsets.

Thanks in advance for any feedbak !

Mon, 09 May 2005 03:51:38 GMT  
 Ruby/Fltk/SQLite GPL workbench testers required win32/linux
Sorry for the people that downloaded the linux version, there was a
problem with the environment variables that tells ruby where to find
the libraries, it is solved now, if you download it again you will get
it running.

Tue, 10 May 2005 07:21:01 GMT  
 Ruby/Fltk/SQLite GPL workbench testers required win32/linux

> Thanks in advance for any feedbak !

I gave it a run through.  It looks good, though I don't read spanish
so I didn't get to far into the app.

Nice work,


Thu, 12 May 2005 00:43:14 GMT  
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