string[lastchar] -> string? 
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 string[lastchar] -> string?


> > I tried String.methods[40] n and got "to_a".

> > Is it possible to do String.methods[40].man (or something like that)

> See the thread beginning at [ruby-talk:30225].  I wanted to
> see how few lines were needed to get in Ruby a feature that
> some Pythonists were constantly bugging about. ;-) Guy Decoux
> contributed some fixes and ideas offlist, so you won't find
> it all in the archives, but if you feel adventurous, I can
> forward it to you. :-)

> Massimiliano

pls do forward it sir Massimiliano.

I just wanted irb to be fully helpful (like inserting ri into it). Btw, I
notice (or maybe I just cannot find it) that the doc used by ri isn't in
text form. I would like to modify the text/doc itself so that it would be
_friendlier_ for us here. Eg, I could include comparison on how a certain
ruby code would be done if using rpg (right, the old ibm rpg)... This is
good for introducing ruby to us.

thank you -botp

Sat, 09 Apr 2005 09:36:59 GMT  
 string[lastchar] -> string?


> > > Is it possible to do String.methods[40].man (or something like that)
> pls do forward it sir Massimiliano.

Forwarding offlist (~250 lines attachment).  If anyone else is
interested, just mail me.


Sun, 10 Apr 2005 17:13:45 GMT  
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