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anygui has been mentioned before on this list, and there has been a lot of
talk about a solid, universally available GUI toolkit for Ruby.  I've
looked at anygui again, and I'm wondering if we can't leverage off the
python work.

AFAIK, anygui is mostly an API definition for Ruby.  The API being defined,
people write backends that conform to the API.  There's some magic for
choosing the default backend and such, but most of the effort is in
developing an API that supports the largest set of the various backends.

One thing in particular I like about the anygui project is that it doesn't
alienate any of the current GUI toolkit builder/users.  Since anygui is
first and foremost an API definition, writing an FLTK, TK, Qt, GTK, or
FXRuby backend would be the same as doing a normal binding, only you have
to make your API conform to anygui, rather than choosing an API mapping of
your own.

Now, given the API is already defined (or is in the process of being
defined by the anygui people), if we can duplicate the API in Ruby and
leverage off the existing backends, we could get a "universal" GUI toolkit
for Ruby fairly cheap.  I'm not keen on depending on a project from another
language, but maybe we can get some synergy going and add more power to the
project.  At the least, we'll avoid duplicating the effort of the anygui

I haven't touched C in several years, so I haven't played around with any
of the native interface stuff in Ruby.  Can anyone tell me how much work it
is to use Python native libraries from Ruby?

Does anybody have any ideas on this, why it wouldn't work, or how best to
go about it?


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Thu, 22 Apr 2004 01:53:25 GMT  
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