Private variables can be changed outsid e? 
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 Private variables can be changed outsid e?

> Ruby doesn't guarantee that you can't poke around inside an object or
> class. In fact, quite the reverse--it provides many mechanisms to let
> you do just that.

Yep, this was about the conclusion I came during the night.

> However, I hadn't realized that you could do the trick with
> late-binding instance variables.

Well, me neither :). But if I reflect OO-things from C++ or Java I think
they don't allow parent class to know the real class is actually a child
when calling.

class Foo
  def foo
        p self.type

class Bar < Foo

In those languages call to forces Foo#foo to think self is
actually an object of type Foo, not kind_of? Foo. This was the surprise.

        - Aleksi

Mon, 23 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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