try make dybase 010 
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 try make dybase 010

hi rubyist,

i want to make dybase 010 but,

gcc -I. -I..\inc -I\ruby\lib\ruby\1.7\i386-mswin32 -c -fPIC -O0 -Wall -g dybasea
cc1.exe: warning: -fPIC ignored for target (all code is position independent)
In file included from /ruby/lib/ruby/1.7/i386-mswin32/defines.h:110,
                 from /ruby/lib/ruby/1.7/i386-mswin32/ruby.h:22,
                 from dybaseapi.c:1:
/ruby/lib/ruby/1.7/i386-mswin32/win32/win32.h:205: parse error before "sizeof"
/ruby/lib/ruby/1.7/i386-mswin32/win32/win32.h:206: parse error before "sizeof"
C:\MINGW\BIN\MAKE.EXE: *** [dybaseapi.o] Error 1

in win32.h
204: #ifndef __BORLANDC__
205: extern int isinf(double);
206: extern int isnan(double);
207: #else

in \ruby\dybase\ruby\makefile

COMMON_FLAGS = -I. -I..\inc -I$(RUBY_HOME) -c -fPIC

$(DYBASEAPI_LIB): dybaseapi.o ..\lib/libdybase.a
 $(CC) $(SHFLAGS) -o $(DYBASEAPI_LIB) dybaseapi.o ..\lib\libdybase.a

dybaseapi.o: dybaseapi.c
 $(CC) $(CFLAGS) dybaseapi.c

Windows 98 [versin 4.10.2222]

C:\ruby\dybase\ruby>ruby --version
ruby 1.7.3 (2002-11-17) [i386-mswin32]

C:\ruby\dybase\ruby>gcc --version
GCC.EXE (GCC) 3.2 (mingw special 20020817-1)

could anyone help me please ?,


PD. i'm sorry by my bad english.

Wed, 16 Nov 2005 04:52:12 GMT  
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