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Did I miss a posting citing this?


Programming in Ruby

Dr. Dobb's Journal January 2001

A freely available pure object-oriented language

By Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt

Take the pure object orientation of Smalltalk, but remove the quirky
syntax and reliance on a workspace. Add in the convenience and power
of Perl, but without all the special cases and magic conversions. Wrap
it up in a clean syntax based in part on Eiffel, and add a few
concepts from Scheme, CLU, Sather, and Common Lisp. You end up with

Thanks in part to the energy of its creator, Yukihiro Matsumoto
(Matz), Ruby is already more popular than python in its native Japan.
Ruby is a pure, untyped, object-oriented language -- just about
everything in Ruby is an object, and object references are not typed.
People who enjoy exploring different OO programming paradigms will
enjoy experimenting with Ruby: It has a full metaclass model,
iterators, closures, reflection, and supports the run-time extension
of both classes and individual objects.

Conrad Schneiker
(This note is unofficial and subject to improvement without notice.)

Wed, 21 May 2003 07:36:10 GMT  
 Dr. Dobb's Ruby Article on the web


> Did I miss a posting citing this?

>     http://www.ddj.com/articles/2001/0101/0101b/0101b.htm

Don't think so. I think it was just posted this afternoon, so you got
there before we did.


Wed, 21 May 2003 08:29:14 GMT  
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