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Author Message opens new section for code

Following discussion with Jack Dempsey, I added a new section on the
Ruby Cookbook which should be better suited for the "one-liners and
overrides" that have been the topic here of late.

It doesn't yet have any of the more advanced features discussed (like
automatic weekly zip-up, flagging as a semantically-incompatible
change, etc.) as Jack is still compiling the list of those features
and prototyping them.

In any case, it's open for business.  Feel free to drop by and add
your favorite one-line snippets and "private label" overrides and
additions to built-in and standard library classes.

And as always, feedback is welcomed.

Colin Steele

                   From "The Hacker's Dictionary":
       payware: n. Commercial software.  Oppose {shareware} or

Mon, 05 Jul 2004 05:54:44 GMT  
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