mkmf.succ() == MfMaker ? 
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 mkmf.succ() == MfMaker ?

I've been running up against limitations in mkmf's functionality, so
I decided to go about extending it. Before I added any features, though,
I found it useful to restructure it: Currently it uses a lot of global
variables and top-level constants.

Starting with the latest revision (1.63), I edited into a class
("MfMaker"), rewriting global variables as instance variables.
I then wrote a wrapper("mkmf") that uses the new class but provides the
previous interface (global variables, etc.) for backwards compatibility.

I believe that the resulting code is easier to read and to work with.
I'd like to submit it for review and testing. Since the nature and
scope of the changes make a patch impractical, I'm posting the
files in entirety:


Please note that this revision adds no new functionality; hopefully
it doesn't change or remove any either!


Wed, 21 Apr 2004 08:21:30 GMT  
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