ruby-mode.el and xemacs 
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 ruby-mode.el and xemacs

 hi all,

    I'm new both to ruby and xemacs(emacs), I used xemacs with ruby-mode.el and
 it seems nice but the identation mechanism behaves a little strange (for me I
 guess :))). I loaded a ruby program and when I hit enter at the end of an
 idented line the cursor moves at the begining of the new line. By hitting tab
 then it moves at the same identation level as the previous line. Is this normal
?? Shouldnt move at the same identation level from the first time, when I hit
enter without having to hit enter?
    Also, I use a 4 char tab and all of the ruby files from examples, etc use a
 2 char tab and the identation it doesnt work as it supposed to be anymore.

 I would appreciate some hints if someone knows how to handle all of this.

 thanx in advance

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Wed, 06 Oct 2004 07:17:11 GMT  
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