Converting from Runit to TestUnit 
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 Converting from Runit to TestUnit


Yesterday I just convert my application to the new Test::Unit.
After reading some ruby-talk archive some of them already in
Nat's TODO list but I include them as a reminder.

Here is my impression:

1. There should be a warning about the rename of setup to set_up.
   Is there any way to issue a warning from a library? like Perl warn.
2. What flunk means? Maybe it should renamed to assert_fail
   (like Runit) or any other better name.
   I also need assert_ok(message = "") so my test is in symmetry.
3. I prefer the RUnit Console Test Runner, it is more verbose
   and the dot distract me from the Failure/Error message.
   If you still prefer the dot then make the verbose mode
   an option so I could run my test like this
       ./my_test.rb -v
4. Remove the ellipsis (...) in "Started..."
5. Rather than
Failure occurred in test_method(TestClass) [./t.rb:20]: Some_long_msg
   I prefer
Failure in TestClass#test_method [./t.rb:20]:

Anyway, thank you Nat for a wonderful unit test framework.


-- Zakaria                        


Thu, 06 Jan 2005 11:02:30 GMT  
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