ruby-htmltools, a tree-building HTML parser 
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 ruby-htmltools, a tree-building HTML parser

I have written a tree-building HTML parser that is handy for doing
analysis, repair, or transformations of HTML text.

The RAA entry is

and you can download it at:

It requires the html-parser library, available from
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~nahi/Ruby/html-parser/html-parser-19990912p2.ta...

I'd like to hear your feedback. One thing that I'd like to add is some
kind of path matching like XPath or CSS selectors.

However, right now you can go:

parser =
parser.tree.detect { |e| e.tag == 'table' }

and so on to get to individual elements. And, of course, you can use
each() to traverse the structure.

Ned Konz

Thu, 11 Nov 2004 03:55:24 GMT  
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