Test order in Test::Unit 
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 Test order in Test::Unit

If you define setup and teardown methods, in your test suite these are
called before and after, respectively, each test_ method is called.


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> Hi all,

> I'm using Test::Unit for testing my codes. I have some questions
> I'd like to ask.

> - Test::Unit shows testing process with periods like 'Started...
>   ....', but is there a way to make it show the test method
>   names instead? My test sometimes fails and sometimes passes, so
>   I'd like to check the order of the tests conducted.
> - Does Test::Unit have any method to test private methods?

> I've searched for the answers in Test::Unit RDoc document, but I
> couldn't find them...

tests are run in alphabetical order, so

  def test_a_foo
    puts 'i run first'

  def test_b_bar
    puts 'i run second'

people who 'know' testing reccomend against this - but there are times when
is not avoidable.


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