Compiler (people Retired) API's ;FFT's;FHT's 
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 Compiler (people Retired) API's ;FFT's;FHT's


 Do you have the drive to do a task to enhance Rexx?

 I know there are experts with compilers etc out there in this world.
Many Retired experts from IBM and other companies exist. Maybe you would
like to leave another mark in this world yet.

  I need help. I need someone or many people to get involved to build
Fast Fourier Transforms and/or Fast Hartley Transforms to enhance Rexx's
Multiply and Divide.

  I am a retired person from the Stanford University environment. I work
with Rexx and have built many functions for Numerics using rexx over the
past 20 years. I  have attempted, using an associate, various API's
interfacing Rexx and my Numerics routines with compilers and
assemblers.( Mostly fortran, the Mathematicians language.)

 If you are not too familiar with FFT's/FHT's to do the task I can
outline the structures.

  As you may know, Rexx's multiply and divide is what is called N
squared. This means if we double numeric digits it takes 2**2=4 times
the actual time. If we increase to say 1e20 digits then rexx will
increase to a factor of 1e40. Typical examples are: At 1e20 digits via
rexx and an FFT/FHT is over 85,000 times faster. This means hours by
rexx becomes sub seconds using the transforms to a multiply at a million
digits. The FFT/FHT works at N*lg(N). N here is 2**n samples of
typically 4 digits/sample.[for 2**20 multiply each numeric is
[(2**18)*18]*2 for 2**18 array samples using dbl precision within
compiler.] the final *2 is because the FFT/FHT requires a ZERO pad the
same size and twice this sine each numeric array must be the same size.
So, if we double digits we will only double time, ( approximately.)

  I have constructed an API and code for FHT's and have realized
computation of Numerics to 4 million digits with 256 megabytes of ram
and using os/2. I need someone that is smarter than I. You're just that
person. Can you help? I'm all burned out with compilers etc. and need


 I realize that the reward is zero dollars, but the fame is very large.
The true monies,(Specie := real dollars), is nil but your help and
efforts are important to the entire rexx world.

Help if you can. Please contact me via Email.


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Tue, 31 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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