Calling Batch from Rexx/OS2 
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 Calling Batch from Rexx/OS2

You could run the TCPSTART.CMD by invoking another CMD.EXE.  Something like


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Subject: Re: Calling Batch from Rexx/OS2
05-24-94 05:12 PM

On Tue, 24 May 1994 19:35:57 GMT Robert Losee said:


>My STARTUP.CMD is written in REXX. I've tried to invoke a batch >program

(TCPSTART.CMD to run TCP/IP). When I just call it with quotes >around it I'm
told that I'm chaining, a bad thing and it dies. Help >tells me I should
"CALL" it so I do, but then the called program >TCPSTART.CMD gets errors that
indicate to me the files is being >interpreted as a Rexx program, not a batch
program that it is. > You could always convert TCPSTART.CMD to REXX...


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