Rexx code for setting up printer queue info 
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 Rexx code for setting up printer queue info

I am using the LSRXUT.DLL (Lan Server Rexx utility) from Rexx to get and
set server and local printer queue info.  The DLL has commands for creating,
modifying and deleting printer queues and ports, but I it says nothing about
setting up paper tray information.  I want to be able to create a queue and
tell it that it has two trays, one letter and one legal, etc.  It seems kind of
worthless to create a queue from a Rexx command and then have to manually
change the settings when it's done.
The DLL seems to do just about everything BUT this.

Also, any ideas on using Rexx to install a printer driver?  Is there an OS/2
DLL that can be called to do this?  I would like to be able to automatically
create a set of printers (with Drivers if they aren't already installed) on
a users machine by running a Rexx command.  We have some departments
with people moving all the time and it's a pain to change all their printers
around everytime they move.  Most machines already have a IBM 4019 and
HP IIIsi driver installed, but there are a few other printers around.

Any help would be appreciated.


Sun, 30 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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