Amiga Mind-model Availability 
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 Amiga Mind-model Availability

                                Seattle WA USA, MON.24.MAR.1997

Hello, Pan [name withheld]:

Thank you for your message as quoted below:

> How can I receiv your mind-model for Amiga A500 ?
> Is it possible to obtained it on floppy disks 1.44 MB ?

The mind-model comes in two parts:
    - five text files of theory;
    - the 26.NOV.1994 107-kilobyte Amiga Mind.rexx AI program.

The five English-language theory text files are available on
Amiga Library Disk No. 411 of Fred Fish, or by Web search for
"Mentifex" on the World Wide Web.

The 26.NOV.1994 Amiga Mind.rexx AI archive is available on the
Internet from various Amiga Aminet archives (perhaps also CD-ROM),
or from the Amiga Gramma's BBS at USA 206-744-1254 (too slow and
too costly, because of the international long-distance telephone
rates).  I do not know if Mind.rexx is available on Amiga 1.44
MB floppy disks.  My three old Amigas use only 880K floppies.

I have not programmed Mind.rexx any more since 26.NOV.1994, but
I hope eventually to work on it some more, both in REXX and Forth.
Recently I have mainly been busy in publishing information about
the Men{ifex AI project in various newsgroups on the Internet.

I would be curious to know how you found out about Project Mentifex,
and what people in Poland (I am one-fourth Polish; my Polish
grandmother was a "Lemanski") think about the AI project.


Arthur T. Murray

Fri, 10 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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