Now thats a little more like it! 
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 Now thats a little more like it!

] and Plasticman....we subscribed to a couple of your subs..users are having a
] pretty good time in there...guess you have been seeing quite a few Diamonds &
] Denim taglines over there on your system!!!

Well, it's really been fun running the subs that I run.  I can say this
much.. I hope to get more and more systems involved in the nonNEWSGROUP type

Thanks for the nice hello.. it really brought a smile to my face.. at this
unG-dly hour of 4:45am.. woke up to the sounds of (NO NOT BENNY
GOODMAN..hehe) the computer disk drive downloading off of 1020 EmeraldNET.
Never actually spoken to him.. but I know that that system's been serving me
well.. I want to see if there's a system that's 28.8 (V34 preferably, or Dual
Standard HST V34) that I may be able to connect with, due to the fact that I
am long distance, in Connecticut.  

Please respond via Email.  Thanks!

Plastikman over and out :)

Equus [VSB] VirtualBBS Support />VBBS-OS/2<\ EmeraldNET Region 8 Coordinator

 0Via: 1203000*21 1020*21 1010*21

Fri, 11 Jul 1997 15:50:22 GMT  
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