Digipaint 3's 'rendering mode' 
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 Digipaint 3's 'rendering mode'


     Hi guys.  I'm having a tough time with the 2 'rendering' commands
that digipaint III offers through it's arexx interface.  One supposedly
takes binary, one ascii.  But the blurb in the back of the manual really
hasn't filled me in at all, and all my attempts have failed to produce
even a pixel.

     I need to know this because I've been working on a 'digipaint
control program' that runs in a console, or (idealy) through Steve
Drew's AUX: program to a terminal.  The program, written in Arexx,
is a side line of the bbs I'm working on.  Basicly it lets you address
several weaknesses of Digipaint3.  Here's what it does arlready:

Let you name any colour.

 eg.  bluegrey 5 5 15           and then select that paint colour
                                by typing 'bluegrey' from the terminal.

Increment or decrement red green or blue (if you've set the palette
 with the program, and not through digipaint).  a single character (r g
or b), in lower case will decrement, upper case will increment.

r g or b followed by a number will set red to that number.

instant colour picking without names by typing 3 numbers eg: 5 4 15

Also, I've provided mechanisms whereby you can load, save, delete
ranges of palettes.  Since each palette colour has a name, it's pretty
easy to remember. (goblin blue, lavendar).

I plan to add:

A data graphing feature (simple bar, pie and line within box limits).
A rendering interface to convert certain types of files to iff (will
 be slow, but I need it).

The whole interface is along the lines of my bbs.  All of the functions
listed above exist in doors, called up by arexx.  And the menu's are
all typed to the screen (textfiles), and each menu has a corresponding
menu 'program' that is compiled into one larger file that is loaded
when the control program starts.  The menu format looks like this:

C Function Lump "DBCLI"
D Function Lump "DataPlot"
M Function Call 0 Macro
P Menu Palette
! Command 0 ByeBye=1
1 Palette Load "Natural_Greentone"
2 Palette Load "FleshTone1"
3 Palette Load "FleshTone2"
4 Palette Load "Saturation1"
5 Palette Load "Saturation2"
6 Palette Load "Saturation3"
7 Palette Load "Complex_Blue"
8 Palette Load "Complex_Pastorial"
9 Palette Load "Grey_Scale"
0 Palette Load "Spectral"
A Palette Load "DigiPaint"
B Palette Load "PP2"
X Function Lump PaintShop
! Command 0 ByeBye=1
- Previous_Menu
? Menu_Again

Fairly simple, and it's built upon reliable code.  Mail me if you could
use a copy of it.  I'll put in a few touch up's and get it to you within
a week.  It ain't fast, and built around some OLD bbs code (OLD), which
means that it's not optimized like the bbs is.  But I find it really

Oh, and I also want to add an 'autosignature' door.
(you can write your own doors.  It's very simple, so the system can be
 quite complex, and you can add as many functions as you like, and have
 them all existing under the menu system).

-paul sop  (graphic designer for Spaghetti Western Words and Images)

Wed, 19 May 1993 01:43:00 GMT  
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