IBM Object REXX for Windows Evaluation copy available 
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 IBM Object REXX for Windows Evaluation copy available

An evaluation copy of IBM Object REXX for Windows Development Edition
Version 2.1 is available for download from :


Select "Download" on the navigation bar on the left side.

Limitations of the evaluation copy:

   * Once per day a message informs you that you are using an evaluation
     You need to click OK to continue.

   * During program execution a message informs you every 15 minutes
     that you are using an evaluation copy.
     You can  wait 30 seconds until the message disappears, or you can
     click OK to continue.

   * The Tokenizer and the Re-Tokenizer are not included.

   * The files required to use the application programming interface (to
     write DLL function packages) are not included.

   * Only files up to 4 KB can be executed in the Workbench. It's
     possible to run larger REXX programs outside the workbench.

   * The untokenized Object REXX classes for OODialog are not included.

   * After evaluation, the Evaluation Copy must be deinstalled before
     installing a full Object REXX version.

Kind regards,

Stefan D?rsam

REXX Development, IBM Germany SWSD B?blingen
Lotus Notes: Stefan Doersam/Germany/IBM

Sun, 29 Feb 2004 20:21:25 GMT  
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