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 Final Re: Vispro Rexx vs. VX Rexx?

Vispro Rexx vs. VX Rexx?"

clarke>>anyone have any suggestions, or can identify the pros/cons b/t
Vispro clarke>>Rexx and VX Rexx?

Barry>By far VisPro.  HockWare is still developing, promoting, supporting
and Barry>enhancing VisPro/Rexx, while the vx product has been sent out to
Barry>pasture by Powersoft.  I use VisPro/Rexx Gold and find that it has
Barry>everything that I need and more, especially with their database
Barry>designer using ODBC (you just can't beat the auto creation of the
Barry>database code with drag and drop).

Barry>One of the most frustrating things I found with the Vx product is
that Barry>it has huge baggage (namely the 800k+ dll) which often runs
into Barry>problems for other vx apps if the appropriate .dll is not

Guess the point is: vx cuold be a real mess, with a lot of bugs, but all
those things are relevant, thinking that there would be further patches,
fixes, or even new versions... but, there won't be a new version, neither
a patch, not even an official watcom's web-site! (at least I couldn't find
any) ... So, if you put money on it, you'll lose it... :-( ... and I guess
you won't like that!  ...welcome to the watcom's VX-Rexx funeral! ...
So, I guess that there's a new monopoly on visual rexx programming under
OS/2... choose, VisPro or VisPro... =-) ...

Hope it helps!...
these are my own thoughts... I do only represent to myself... I do not
work for HockWare, not even for Watcom... all the old-well known
disclaimers apply to this letter, including the bad english sorry one...

andres mosto - team os/][ - buenos aires - argentina

Mon, 02 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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