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>seem to make rexx go past the first search. ie I am using LINEIN
>and I can only grab things from the beginning of the file. I am
>using the rexx that is shipped with OS/2 WARP. Any tips would
>be great.

You haven't really given us much to go on here.  Are you doing a loop with the
LINEIN?  Some structure like this would do it:

do while lines(file) <> 0
    newline = linein(file)

Also, what are you doing your search with?  If you are using something like
POS/LASTPOS, and you have to deal with the possibility of multiple matches per
line, then you need to make sure that you change your start parameter on the
function call, or you'll just find the same thing over and over again.

Hope this helps, or at least doesn't hurt.

 t MR/2 2.23 NR t Your Zip file is open.


Tue, 13 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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