Opinions: VxREXX vs. VisProREXX 
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 Opinions: VxREXX vs. VisProREXX


>Hi!  I'm trying to decide between purchasing VxREXX and VisProREXX.
>I've downloaded demos of VxREXX 2.1 and VisProREXX 3.0.  They seem
>quite similar, but I like the idea of a self-contained EXE that VisProREXX
>supports.  Also, the runtime DLL was much smaller with VisProREXX
>(210k vs amost 800k I believe).

>Does anyone who has used both have a preference/opinion?


>Greg Kondrasuk

Well with VX-Rexx you can also do text mode applications (it helps you
put together the program).  But I heard that Vis-Pro Rexx also puts out pretty
fast running programs (VX-REXX programs run kinda slow).  Unless somebody
knows how to speed them up, if somebody does please let me know how. :) If
you just want to do GUI applications then Vis-Pro Rexx would be your best bet.


Sat, 09 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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