V format ftp to non-IBM system 
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 V format ftp to non-IBM system

I have a need to transfer MVS variable format files to and from a UNIX
system.  I would like to find a way of doing this which preserves the
BDW/RDW information when sending to the UNIX site and uses same when
receiving from the UNIX site.  I realize that the IBM FTP program has a
'Mode Block' command for use between IBM systems, but there is no
equivalent on the stand UNIX ftp or ftpd.

I imagine that the solution is to create another ftp/ftpd set on UNIX
which uses a different port number for use with mainframes that supports
'mode block'.  Has anyone already done this?  I do have rexx available
if there is rexx code that implements this.

If there a better solution?
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Tue, 26 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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