RxPstat in Ydbautil (Extended REXX funcions for OS/2) 
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 RxPstat in Ydbautil (Extended REXX funcions for OS/2)

Is anyone using 'YDBAUTIL', a DLL that contains external functions
for OS/2 REXX?  There is a function included called RxPstat which
gets information on all Processes and threads on the system... Of
greatest interest to me are the thread system and user times.  Are
these actual hundredth second times of what each thread is using?
CAN I add up all the system and user times for threads that belong
to a process and compute cpu times for my processes?  When I do this,
my system apparently runs about 32% ALL the time... (When there are no
programs running, the two PMSHELL.EXE's that always run have high
system time and keep "cpu" up to ~30%.)

Anybody have more documentation for this?

On a related note, how can I make a similar call in Borland C++ for OS/2?
Are system calls like that included with the compiler?

Any help is Greatly appreciated!


Tim Viekman                  Messiah College       Grantham (Harrisburg) PA

Sun, 31 Mar 1996 02:01:00 GMT  
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